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Seminar 20: Melancholia Non Grata: Lars von Trier and the Infinite Sadness


Friday, September  28, 2012

5:00–9:30 pm

Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt Street.

Cost: Admission Free

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Lars von Trier’s most recent film Melancholia (2011) has provoked no end of debate: simultaneously hailed as a ‘masterpiece’ and ‘tiresome’, von Trier himself half-dismissed the work as ‘too polished’ and ‘a woman’s film’ at its premiere at Cannes (where he was infamously declared ‘persona non grata’ after noting that he had come to ‘understand Hitler’). This seminar seeks to cut through the controversy in order address some of its major themes and contexts….
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