The Sydney Seminar for the Arts and Philosophy is an attempt to create a space in which academics, artists, journalists, arts advocates and the public can exchange ideas about what art can do. It is an initiative of the University of Western Sydney but is designed to operate collaboratively, with various Universities, Educational and Cultural Institutions, Media and Arts organizations entering into collaboration around particular topics and through particular seminars.
We begin from the premise that artistic expression makes a profound contribution to human life. We seek to explore the nature of this contribution. While the discussion will consider questions at a sophisticated level we feel that this exploration can be pursued using language accessible to a diverse audience (who will be called upon to contribute to discussions). We consider that art offers a special kind of thinking in that it induces or leads to thought (in an audience) rather than setting out or describing a particular program or system. Rather than indicating what we should think, art thinks with us.


Seminar Coordinator: Alex Ling (UWS)
Patrons/Advisors: Stephen Barker, Herbert Blau, Bruno Clément, J.M. Coetzee, Paula Latos-Valier, Terence Maloon, Wayne McKenna, Robyn Nevin, Paul Patton, Peggy Phelan, Andrew Riemer, Kathy Woodward, Anthony Uhlmann